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About Teams:

A working team is a thing of great beauty and value. Working teams create meaningful experiences and move ideas from the ether out into the world.

They are an incredible asset to you, your relationship or your business, and they take time to develop. For a team to develop trust, harmony and precision, it requires arriving at a common vision; razor sharp clarity of roles and central tasks, and a system of standard processes that are respected and well-maintained.

The Team Within: An integrated person is able to manage a variety of inner perspectives without being derailed by them. Do you ever feel that one part of you wants to pursue your greatest dreams and activate your personal gifts and potential, while another wants to sit on the couch and hide from life? Or as you move towards success, you collapse; and as you long for love, you reject it. Even if we know something about WHY we are locked in an inner conflict, we may not know WHAT TO DO to fix it.

You need personalized training to help you cultivate a knowledge of your inner roles and how to lead them. We will apply leadership skills to navigating your life and taking stewardship of it, because although there is no "I" in team, there is a Team in You. Read more

Relationship Teams: Most couples do not think of themselves as teams at all. This is problematic, especially because when couples are in or on the brink of crises they experience themselves as polarized; that is, on separate, opposing teams, when what they need most is teamwork to get to the other side. The process of becoming a team is a thrilling journey for a couple to embark upon. It takes some really successful fights and a good bout of training before a couple is well on the road to living as a unified team. Need help loving and leading? Read more

Business Teams: "Leadership" is the not-so-new business buzzword. It's hot because companies know that they cannot survive without key people who can inspire people. Pride, productivity and profit are totally dependent on a working team. Organizations crave flow, creativity, structure, productivity and high quality. Great leadership and working teams are the way to get there. Whether you are an executive or a manager, I can point you in that direction.