Lovers & Leaders: 3 minute intro

" Blair taught us skills that are useful in
romantic relationships, but also in any
relationship including the one with myself.
I feel lighter, more powerful, more grounded,
and more assured as a result of what I learned
in this course.
I feel ready to show up for my next relationship
in a way that brings out the best in myself
and my partner. This is liberation!

- Sarah Jacob, Founder, Kisses from Kaya

A Love and Leadership
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"Blair's rare ability to draw out what's really
going on with the group members and keeping
you honest and accountable to yourself
in the process makes her groups truly
one of a kind.
Throughout the class I liked hearing Blair's personal
antidotes and relationship stories. As well as hearing from and interacting with the other participants.

- Aaron Smith, MSW, ADHD Strategist, Potential Within Reach


In the new millennium, far from the traditional roles of the Leave it to Beaver era, we find ourselves blissfully free to love whomever and however we want, and create the relationship of our dreams.

Finally! Except for one thing. For many, this love thing has been much harder than expected. Whether you are a single person suffering because you haven't yet found the love of your life, or are feeling trapped in the relationship of your dreams -- confused and wondering what's gone wrong?, or have simply become mildly dissatisfied -- so many are stuggling with their dissapointments about love and intimacy.

When this happens, there is no shortage of relationship advice for you to turn to. There are experts on men. There are experts on women. You can go explore Venus and Mars. There are five love languages to learn, and deep psychological advice on Getting the Love You Want. Maybe you should just APPRECIATE your partner more???

Still, we anguish. Mostly, it is the women (or the more female identified partners) who take a leadership role in the Relationship Health department and go off in search of help. This leaves the men behind -- and not necessarily on board.

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What if there was a paradigm of relationship success that appealed to both men and women? A paradigm that could help single people think about creating healthy relationships and couples increase connection and decrease frustration with each other? Even though you probably need better communication, have you considered that maybe what you really need is more DIRECTION? That although you need to look within and correct your own behavior, you may also need to look OUTSIDE of yourself, with your partner, towards a vision of what you are doing together that you both can stand behind?

Wouldn't it be a relief to co-create a relationship that really works?

You may not believe what I am about to tell you.

The skills you learn at work may be the very same ones that could help you create a better relationship and get through the inevitable rough times.

I'm inviting you to learn simple leadership skills that can help you and your partner, or even your new love, become a team. Instead of fighting against each other, you can learn to fight with each other towards the vision you co-create.


Lovers and Leaders: A four week course in the business of creating a relationship that works for YOU.


Whether you're dating, been married for years or are looking at the next step of commitment -- It's time to join forces within yourself and with your partner, unite through a vision, and become a working team.

The Lovers and Leaders Webinar Course is a substantial opportunity to move you out of the blah and into a new space of vitality and connection.

It offers a unique structure: we'll meet for four consecutive weeks in 75-90 minute interactive online seminars. You will receive innovative ideas for how to think about and structure your relationships, and there will be plenty of time to investigate how your personal issues can be addressed within the model.

Outline a clear path to more efficient loving and leading by learning leadership skills that will illustrate how to:

You will be invited to practice these skills on your own in simple, engaging, fun homework.

This course is for:

This course is NOT for:

Private sessions can be booked (at a substantial discount if booked in a course registration package) to help participants get extra personal training and further integrate these principles into their lives.

More information about the course can be found here.

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Got Questions?

Here are some answers:

I'm single. How will this course help me?

Let's say you have an incredible business idea. It's big. It's important. It's your idea, and you're the leader of the venture. But you realize, for financial, creative, or administrative reasons (or some combination of all three) that you will need a partner to do it right. An equal partner who makes an equal contribution, even if they will be doing more of the hands on "work,"or vice-versa.

What qualities would you look for? You would look for someone who has had a strong desire to launch a similar venture. Someone who demonstrates that they have the skills to collaborate and co-lead, someone who is experienced and has a high capacity for learning, and someone who has similar values.

It is the same in love. As a single person this course will help you clarify your vision of what you want so you can more effectively assess the new people you meet. As you get to know potential mates and witness how they stand in their personal leadership, your new and different perspective will make the selection process quicker and easier.

In addition, because the course is personalized, the questions will help you reflect upon your past experiences, and show you how the new skills and principles, and bringing your leadership consciously, will help you in future situations to act and respond differently. These new skills and behaviors will either help you to consistenly grow your next relationship, or allow it to end much sooner and less painfully.

Finally, it will help you take the whole situation of your singlehood less personally. And that's a really useful thing to learn in terms of enjoying the life you have.

If you feel like you might need more support with your specific situation, take advantage of upgrading to one or two private sessions with the course (substantial discounts included when purchased with course registration). It will really help you take up leadership in your search for love.

Your partner doesn't want to join?

You can take it on your own. Yup. It will help you change the dynamics in your current or future relationships.

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Wondering if the course includes LGBT couples?

It sure does! The skills and principles do not discriminate. Call me with questions.

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Webinar Schedule: US Evenings: Tuesdays, 8:00 - 9:15 or 9:30PM ET: FEBRUARY 3, 10, 17; 24, 2015
Lunchtime / International: Wednesdays, 1PM- 2:15PM ET; 6PM BST FEBRUARY 4; 11; 18; 25, 2014

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