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What makes an effective team?

A clear vision, role clarity, a strong leader, a comfort with tension and conflict, and allegiance to a broader vision, for a start.

Easier said than done.

For many these days, it is not enough to just show up at work and do their job. People want to feel engaged, inspired, passionate about what they do, and valued. There is a lot of emphasis on leadership and presence. These things can be largely enhanced with the right questions, shifts in perspective, insight, and behavioral skills.

I deal with leaders who are asking themselves: How can I get my team to operate at a high level? How do I engage everyone in being genuinely motivated towards progress and expansion? How can I as a leader and we as a team open to new possibilities? How can I be authentic and effective as a leader?

I teach people how to excel in leadership and relationship.

I help executives fix broken teams and create thriving ones.

Take a moment and give thought to your current corporate climate. What works and what needs tweaking? What has been successful and what piece of your vision needs to be articulated more fully? What has been finessed over and over again yet yields the same middling results? If you knew all the answers, you or your company might be in a different place. A consult with me can set you and your company on the road to bigger and more realized profitability, productivity, and overall satisfaction.

Contact me for more information on how to get started with personal executive or organizational work. Read praise from business leaders I've worked with here.

Organizations are constantly evolving. Without an outside perspective or counsel, many organizations implode in the midst of growth and never quite reach their potential or intended goals. The right perspective, combined with high-level leadership and relationship skills, can change everything for the better.

Take a look at these five very common organizational dynamics that stall, frustrate, or complicate the work environments for directors, managers and C-Level execs. Do any of the below resonate with you and your current work experience?

New Markets, Cultures and Competence -- Globalization is here and it requires the ability to seek out and communicate with different colleagues, clients and markets. You need communication and relationship skills that bridge the gaps in gender, culture, age and class. Often without knowing it, our attempts to successfully connect across differences are too superficial to create effective business relationships. How could you improve the ingenuity of your team by including different perspectives? How could you increase your profits by expanding into new markets that need your services? What happens when you are asked to lead or be lead by a person who is very different than you or what you are used to?

Leadership and management -- A new CEO. A new president. A new team. How do you project the right authority and set the right tone for a new culture? How can you prepare for and even circumvent natural setbacks? How can a leader strategize to lead effectively and galvanize a team in the current cultural circumstances?

Employee Retention -- Hiring talented people is difficult. Keeping them is an art. If suddenly you realize your company is losing good workers left and right, and the company pays competitive salaries and gives good benefits, there is a problem. What skills do you need to keep your employees?

Inspiration and Teamwork -- The work may be getting done, but people seem uninspired. Do you recognize that your team is in a rut? How do you infuse the workplace with a spark that will get your team more excited about and engaged with their jobs, increasing productivity and profitability?

Phase Shifts: The transition from one structure to another -- Congrats, the growth you have been waiting for is here! Why then, as you make plans to expand, is the tension in the office at an all time high? Are you having important meetings in which very little is actually accomplished as each person tirelessly tries to advocate for his or her own vision? It's counterintuitive, but very common for morale to drop as success ascends. How can you ease your transition?

If any of these resonate with you, I know I can help you find the answers and the training you need to create the teams that will take your business to the next level.

Leadership, Persona, Teams. These are the key factors you want to have mastery over if you are in a director role.

Are you an executive or manager who needs help presenting, running meetings, or managing people? Do you struggle with doing your job and attending to all the other things your job requires, like social diplomacy and public speaking?

Blair can help you identify what's in your way and work with you one-on-one to rectify your weak spots and increase skill and awareness in the following areas:

• Role Clarification
• Increased understanding of dynamics
• Relationship building
• Leadership Intervention and Strategizing
• Preparing for presentations, public speaking

In addition, Blair has developed a process called Character Development, which uses a unique blend of acting and leadership skills designed to help you maximize efficiency by building an authentic work persona. By focusing on who you want to be and recognizing your default behaviors, you learn new skills to engage in ways that help you garner more respect, offer more substance to your clients and team, spend less time in dysfunctional entanglements and increase your self confidence and effectiveness by a large percentage.

The Small Business Owner: The Tiny Team

This page is dedicated to business consulting for individual business owners, creatives, healers, therapists and coach-like practitioners.

A working team for a small business owner requires a thorough understanding of the different roles required for business operation, and an ability to schedule, strategize and move between the different roles fluidly. It requires an understanding of when to reach out for help and when to rest. In addition:

Many Intoverts, Artists and Healers have difficulty comprehending that the desire and ability to sell your skills is not at odds with your integrity.

For many years I did not understand that my practice was a business. I did not want to, because I thought healing and business had no business being intertwined.

Soloprenuers are invited to see themselves and their work in a new light. How you talk about what you do, who you talk about it with and what your vision for yourself is, is paramount to your success in your work. You have a unique gift and sharing it with your community is an essential task in these unmoored times.

Prices for private sessions can be found here:

Check out the Get More Clients workshop or my Get More Clients Practice Groups to see if this form of business building is for you.

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